Servitization: A contract manufacturer’s journey

As a manufacturing service provider, G&B is seeing rising demand for servitization to create a more productive & lean supply chain strategy for its clients.

Laura McBrown, the Manufacturer, discusses some key points G&B Electronic Designs Ltd has learnt as it offered servitization to its clients, and added value to its core manufacturing business.

Airbus sets services goal, targets productivity gains

Airbus has set a goal of tripling services revenues from its commercial aircraft business to $10 billion within seven years and sharply reducing the number of times its jets are stranded on the ground for technical reasons.

It also targets measures worth 450 million euros ($555 million) in 2018 to improve productivity.

The latest sign of competitive pressures comes as Airbus prepares to announce possible job cuts due to slower production of its largest aircraft.

Source: CNBC

What Does Preventative Maintenance Mean For Parts Management…

What will the impact of servitization and the move to preventative maintenance that it entails have on parts and inventory management? Erik Kjellstrom, Pre-Sales Manager, Syncron tackled this question at the Aftermarket Conference in Hamburg last October. Kris Oldland followed up with him after the event to find out more more…

How will outcome based contracts impact spare parts revenue?

Ahead of the forthcoming inaugural Spare Parts Summit being held in Warwick, UK on April 12th, Field Service News Editor-in-Chief, Kris Oldland talks to Thomas Igou, Content Director, Copperberg about the impact the growing trend of servitization will have upon the spare parts sector…

Cars on the Blockchain? Six Ways Automakers Could Employ the New Technology

In February, Porsche earned the distinction of being the first automaker to successfully test blockchain, the distributed ledger technology best known for supporting cryptocurrencies, in their cars. However, they are far from the onlycarmaker exploring ways to integrate this promising technology into their vehicles. Nor are all manufacturers keen to do so in the same way.

Here are six ways Porsche and other carmakers hope to use blockchain to power the future of personal transportation.

Succession Planning in Field Service: The Most Important Challenge Facing Field Service Organisations

Will self-service for customers be the answer to the dwindling number of available field service technicians? Prudence Kolong, Editorial Director, Copperberg, joins the ranks of Field Service News associate columnists and in her first feature tackles this important topic.