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"There are no short cuts to service success" says WILO Senior Vice President Peter Glauner

WILO’s Senior Vice President Group Service Peter Glauner, has worked within service business for the past 24 years. And he knows that it’s all about internal commitment. Everyone has to be on board – starting with the board itself.

"Nothing is better practice, than good theory!"

Professor Irene Ng, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting business people in the academic world, today. She was a very successful businesswoman in Malaysia in the mid-nineties, before deciding on a renewed academic career instead. – The main motivation for going into academia was to...

IRAN: the new Wild West of manufacturing?

President Hassan Rouhani was on official visit in Rome and Paris late January, the first time in almost two decades that an Iranian president was on European soil. And of course, there was one crucial motivator behind the trip: getting business rolling again.  Since the lift of (most) sanctions...

Is Change a necessity?

Everyone talks about Change.  But is it really a necessity?  Well, a good statistic to keep in mind: 88% of Fortune 500 companies in 1955 disappeared from the list in 2014.  That means only 12% of these top 500 companies managed to go through the past 50 years (mostly) u...

25 reasons why Aftermarket Business Platform was amazing

Of course, not everything was perfect.  There are always aspects we can improve. and we will work on it.  But, last week, we organized the 9th edition of the Aftermarket Business Platform at the Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.  I don’t brag often, bu...

Networking: Back To The Future - Thoughts from Aftermarket Business Platform

As anyone with an Internet connection will know, last week saw “Back To The FutureDay”. October 21 was the day to which, some thirty years prior, young Marty McFly and the erstwhile Doc Brown had traveled.

Spare Parts Business Platform: Get inspired by real life examples

Spare Parts is considered as the money-maker of an aftersales division. However, organizations need to adapt to a rapidly changing world and changing customer behaviors (and expectations) in order to retain the competitive edge and grow their revenue.