Technology is changing the value paradigm. It's time to change management thinking

At the recent Copperberg AfterMarket Business Platform conference in Hamburg there were numerous presentations and discussions about value. And a presentation by Caterpillar contained the statement: “When customers buy Caterpillar products to get access to Caterpillar services”. This art...

Digitisation & Servitisation: Start with the Customer and not the words

At this years After:Market conference in Hamburg the message came through loud and clear. Those companies that are successful in implementing a digital led growth strategy don’t bother with the jargon!

How efficiencies were driven home during the holidays

The most successful logistics managers (and sleigh based delivery drivers) were likely those who could turn to technology to cope with the busiest (and most wonderful) time of the year writes Sergio Barata, General Manager EMEA, Telogis During the recent holiday season whilst people up...

We’re entering the ‘uptime era’; here’s how manufacturers can prepare

Service parts management is a field that has largely been ignored by the manufacturing industry. With an increasing emphasis on maximum product uptime, manufacturers must ensure their service supply chains remain efficient and optimised; but more often than not, service attempts fail due to a missin...

An interview with Sandvik on GDPR

GDPR: Many organisations are still in the starting blocks Sandvik director Hugo Nordell: "They are looking at each other" The Internet of Things, has really set the manufacturing industry on fire. But it has also brought along some serious problems. Like how to cope with the new...

The IoT in After Sales Service: A Manager’s perspective – by Lars Moller

I’ve been in heavy construction equipment and trucks business for close to 34 years, and counting. I’ve been blessed with the opportunities of working in sales, parts, service and purchasing plus both for manufacturers and dealers (in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East). In additio...

The Service Journey: Evolution and Revolution

It was in 1999 that an article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) drew attention to the fact that industrial revenue and profit pools had shifted, and that “smart manufacturers are moving downstream” towards services. It observed that annual industrial product sales growth in the US ha...

Free Webinar looking into Mars Drink Services

In this webinar we will discuss with Ashly Weller how Mars Drinks Services successfully enabled the service engineers to drive and sustain change and become proud brand ambassadors.

Building Customer Centric Operations

One of the central themes of the 2017 “After:Market business platform” is building a customer-centric service business, however what does this really mean for those responsible for running Service Operations? In this article, we aim to explore this question through the different presenta...

Competence 4.0 Webinar This Month!

Ahead of the Competence 4.0 Congress in Vienna, Austria, June 12-14, 2018, we gathered some of the foremost thought leaders to give you a preliminary insights on their views of the future of industrial and manufacturing workforce.

Exclusive GDPR Webinar this month

GDPR author, manufacturing legal specialist and event chairman Paul Voigt of Taylor Wessing in Germany, touches on some of the key issues, in this FREE COPPERBERG WEBINAR on 21st September, 14:00 CET

Product as a Service

Coen Jeukens, CSO, D-Essence, explores the developing world of Products as a Service and the increasing drive both from customer pull and vendor push towards outcome based business and service models… When we need light, we buy a bulb. When we need a hole, we buy a dril...

France Manufacturing Confidence Near Decade High

French manufacturing confidence strengthened in August to the highest level since late 2007, survey results from the statistical office Insee showed Thursday.