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Airbus sets services goal, targets productivity gains

Airbus has set a goal of tripling services revenues from its commercial aircraft business to $10 billion within seven years and sharply reducing the number of times its jets are stranded on the ground for technical reasons. It also targets measures worth 450 million euros ($555 million) in 2018 t...

Spare Parts Pricing: Re-Capture Profits on All Channels

Optimizing the planning, stocking and supplying of service parts is a complex endeavor. Pricing each individual part to be market-aligned at every sales channel – in-person or online – can erode margins further in an already-complex market. Yet, most company leaders know – insti...

Case Study: An airtight packaged solution for a global packaging leader

For industrial manufacturers, it’s a classic “gap-in-the-market” opportunity, which couldn’t come at a better time.   86% of industrial product buyers in Europe say they expect their suppliers to provide speedy, on-site support and service for their products. And he...

WHITE PAPER: Optimizing Your Service Parts for Profit

At Copperberg, we recently received a White Paper that we thought would be in your interest. It outlines how you can optimize your spare parts management, which we know is a challenge for many. We are able to offer you this white paper for free and recommend that you have a read!

"There are no short cuts to service success" says WILO Senior Vice President Peter Glauner

WILO’s Senior Vice President Group Service Peter Glauner, has worked within service business for the past 24 years. And he knows that it’s all about internal commitment. Everyone has to be on board – starting with the board itself.

"Change management is like keeping a diet"

Change is not always easy, for human beings to implement. And change management is no exception. Professor Adrian Furnham, makes a comparison, with keeping a diet: – It’s keeping it going, that’s most difficult.

"Lack of Motivation was a Problem"

Mattias Ericsson, Kia Motors Mattias Ericsson is a manager at Kia Motors for parts, accessories and after sales marketing. But he got a bumpy start at the company, four years ago:

E-commerce and the Internet of Things (IoT) are going to be big revenue-getters in spare parts sales in the future. But for companies who want to cash in on that, it won’t be easy, says Digabit CEO Alan Sage. – Most manufacturers lack the technologies to reach their customers and to do transactions online.

Parts and Service, Big Part of Customer Contact

Geoff Burch, Service Mastery Day Geoff Burch is well known for his knowledge about business affairs.  His business books are bestsellers, and he regularly works with the BBC.  Copperberg’s Spare Parts Business Platform was a first for him.  But he says that the main princ...

The New Normal

In its New Year forecast for 2015, The Economist said “optimism is in short supply”. It was hard to disagree then, and it still is. It’s been rather depressing to read through last year’s recaps, and to see how the EU is gradually disintegrating. Terrorism experts believe...

Spare Parts Business Platform: Get inspired by real life examples

Spare Parts is considered as the money-maker of an aftersales division. However, organizations need to adapt to a rapidly changing world and changing customer behaviors (and expectations) in order to retain the competitive edge and grow their revenue.