Editor's note

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.”
— W. Edwards Deming

As we step into a new era of manufacturing, the pursuit of pricing excellence has never been more critical. With the global market economy witnessing unprecedented shifts, businesses are encountering multifaceted challenges that demand innovative approaches to pricing. In today’s competitive landscape, by accurately understanding and quantifying the value our offerings provide to customers, we can charge premium prices, differentiate ourselves from competitors, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve profitability. Through value-based pricing we can empower organizations to optimize pricing decisions based on the true worth of the offerings, driving both competitive advantage and long-term success in the market.

Key topics to be discussed onsite:

1. Navigating Price Volatility in Turbulent Markets
The ever-changing economic landscape demands agility and foresight in pricing strategies. Fluctuating raw material costs, geopolitical uncertainties, and changing consumer behavior all contribute to market volatility. Manufacturing leaders and OEMs must learn to anticipate these changes and develop dynamic pricing models that adapt swiftly while maintaining profitability.

2. Embracing Value-Based Pricing
In the competitive industrial manufacturing sector, it’s no longer enough to base prices solely on production costs and market trends. Customers are now seeking value and solutions rather than just products. We will discuss the challenges and advantages of transitioning from cost-based to value-based pricing, emphasizing how understanding customer needs and aligning pricing with perceived value can drive sustained growth.

3. Overcoming Internal Pricing Silos
One of the most significant organizational challenges lies in internal communication and collaboration. Manufacturing companies often struggle with pricing silos, where departments such as sales, marketing, and finance operate independently. This lack of cohesion hinders data sharing and inhibits the development of comprehensive pricing strategies. Our conference will shed light on successful techniques for breaking down these barriers and fostering cross-functional collaboration.

Join us at the Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Power of 50 conference, where thought leaders, industry experts, and seasoned practitioners will converge to share their experiences and insights. Gain valuable perspectives on tackling the macroeconomic challenges of today’s market economy and transforming your organization’s pricing approaches.

This event offers an unparalleled opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and uncover practical strategies to unlock the full potential of your pricing capabilities. Mark your calendars for June and secure your spot today. Together, let’s unlock the door to manufacturing pricing excellence and embrace a prosperous future for the industry.



Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director