Aftermarket Business Platform 2024 - Power of 50

It is on everyone’s lips and rightly so, servitization is here to stay and its impact on organizational dynamics is profound and enduring.

However, effecting such a transformative shift is no small feat; it demands meticulous planning and a long transitional period. While many manufacturers have embraced a service-first approach, the evolution toward delivering comprehensive offerings tailored to customer desires, needs, and demands necessitates a heightened level of commitment and capability from service organizations.

By intentionally integrating from the outset, manufacturers can strategically orient their focus towards designing for service excellence and working directly with how to increase lifetime value as a part of the organizational design of the service organization and include the digital print of knowing your customers by implementing service monetization and predicting their future needs and wants. This requires flexible organizations that can collaborate across silos, are open to change, and have a strong eye for the future of service in the modern world.

Here are the three main themes we will focus on at this year’s Business Platform:

1 – Customer-Centric Servitization

The importance of deeply understanding our customers to truly serve them. Let’s explore how to transition towards a service-first approach by aligning our offerings with cus-tomer desires, needs, and demands.

2 – Strategic Service Integration and Organizational Flexibility

Recognize that affecting a transformative shift towards servitization requires meticulous planning and a long transitional period. Discuss how to strategically integrate service excellence into organizational design, foster flexibility, and promote collaboration across silos.

3 – Digital Transformation and Predictive Analytics

The potential of digital technologies in enabling servitization, including service monetization and predictive analytics. How to leverage digital tools to understand our customers better, predict their future needs, and enhance lifetime value through personalized service offerings?

These themes equip us with insights and strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of aftermarket services and maximize customer value.

These and much more will be discussed at the Aftermarket business event of the year. Apply for your ticket now to join your peers, business leaders, and experts in the field.

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Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director